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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Posted my Blog.....

on Facebook.  Don't have thousands or even hundreds of friends there, so now I have to make this interesting so friends will tell friends.

First, I am going to talk about my camera.  Ever think you could be in love with one ?  Well I am, to the point one can be with an inanimate object.  I have a Sony Alpha 700.  It really doesn't matter what kind of camera body anyone has, they pretty much function the same.  But the lenses !!  I had bad lens lust when I first got this camera.  Spent a bunch of money of fancy Zeiss lenses, plus a few cheap Minolta (Sony bought Konica/Minolta) and some standard Sony lenses. 

Well, guess what ?  All I have left is one Sony and 2 Minolta lenses.  Who needs all those lenses anyway.  I am not a professional that needs a 1000mm lens or anything like that.  One basic 18-250mm Sony, a 50mm and a 210mm (Beercan it is called and makes beautiful brokeh, the blurred out background)  both Minolta.

Enough about that.  To see some of my photo's go to and you will see my galleries.  I am putting two here (for those with no interest in seeing all the other's of mine) to demonstrate the wonderful brokeh that can be achieved.

Questions, please ask.  Remember I am not a professional.



Elaine said...

As I said previously, I visited your photo website and I really think your photos are marvelous! I like all your subjects and especially the nature photos.

As you may know, John and I love the outdoors and we spend a lot of time hiking. We like stopping "to smell the roses", as they say, and to take in the grandeur of Nature's wild places which are all around us.

We like to take photos of our experiences but we only use a basic "point and shoot" digital camera. But still, when we get back home, it is fun to see what we have captured. Some times the results surprise even us!

I enjoy your flower and insect closeups. It is interesting to see natural objects captured with such crystal clarity or in such small isolated segments. Each subject creates their own, sometimes unexpected but always beautiful, designs.

I like the quote from Camille Pissaro, who was an early Impressionist painter, because it seems to fit your talent for photography.

"Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing."

Michele Wills Pesta said...

Thanks Elaine. I love just garden hunting for small critters.