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Sunday, August 24, 2008

On to Sgagway

7/30 we arrived in Sgagway. Our shore exersions were to go to the Davidson Glacier and on the White Pass Train. Once again the weather was beautiful.

We took a fast Catamaran out to Glacier Point. We almost didn't get to go because there was a problem with the boat, but after waiting about 1/2 hour we were on our way. We landed on an Alaska Beach. The people are very proud of their beaches, but they aren't what you imagine on any coast shore. They are very narrow, not very wide and full of rocks. Yes, some of the rocks are small, but I wouldn't want to sun bath on any of them without a chair !!

From there we took a school bus up an old logging road to get to a spot where we put our gear on. This consisted of rubber boots, life vest and a extra jacket. They also had rain slickers, but we didn't need them.

We treaked through 1/4 mile of forrest before coming to a "beach". We went in a canoe that held 10 people and our guide, Ransom. He was very knowledgeable of the glacier and off we went rowing. Now for those who don't know me, which is everyone reading this, I don't row. I don't do any type of outdoorsy stuff. But I did notice the motor on the back of the canoe, so I went along with the thought that we had to row out to the glacier. We got really close and spent some time snapping photo's.

When we got back to the beach we picked wild strawberries to eat. Overall I really enjoyed this trip.

The train ride was relaxing, but not to thrilling. It was cool that we stopped on the Canadian side and the tour guide talked about the gold rush. I didn't know the gold was really in Canada, not Alaska. It was amazing to see what those people went through to get to the "promise" of gold. It seems only the rich got richer during this time.

Downtown Sgagway is about 4 blocks long. We did a little shopping then back to the ship exhausted.

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